Enterprise Networking


If your network is not as responsive as you would expect and it is generating impact on your service or maybe you are consindering an upgrade or implement some changes... you are in the right place.

I help you build, implement, and optimize the infrastructure that supports your organization’s applications and operations. Don't forget the network is the foundation of your bussiness. Therefore, features such as operation efficiency, resilience, availability and network response, all rooted in proven best practices, are key in the good design of a enterprise network.


Campus and Data Center designs involve a good understanding of technologies such as Switching, STP, vPC / VSS, Wireless, VxLAN, L2 Stretching, Routing Protocols... and these are just a few examples. I can help you with the integration of all of them to build a robust and responsive network.


Next Generation protocols are emerging in the WAN domain such as EVPN / MPLS. WAN QoS, Integrated Routing and Bridging (IRB), VLAN design flexibility are some benefits over more traditional technologies. In addition, a loop-free LAN extension stretching for DCI across the DC WAN is also crucial.


The word 'migration' can generate concern, however, the progress and renewal of your communications network when is well-planned and controlled does not have to impact on your service and SLAs. I can help you do an audit of your environment and guarantee an impactless migration strategy.

Customized Training and Documentation

Customized training adapted to your environment. I study your network architecture and protocols, and I train your staff to learn how to operate it. In addition, I help you to update the network documentation and diagrams to fill that hole that many companies have regarding updated documentation.

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