Software Defined Networking (SDN)


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SDN is now part of the present in the networking industry. SDN is increasingly implemented and accepted by customers who want to position themselves in the new digital era. This requires a transformation, not only talking about technology, but also about procedures, management, operations and teams. This can generate some uncertainty, so I put at your disposal my experience through this journey. You'll see the benefits are really worth it.

SDN Data Center

Allows you to overcome the problems of legacy technology in your DC. Manage your network from a centralized controller, flexibility, scalability and control. Build a resilient network with solutions, such as Cisco ACI, adaptable to your business needs.


Helps you use your WAN network resources efficiently. It adapts to real time parameters of your links to guarantee a better service and availability. Increasing bandwidth, reducing costs and improving application performance.


Brings control to operations and repetitive tasks. Forget about possible human errors. IT automation engines, such as Ansible, speeds up provisioning, configuration management and application deployment.

Migration to SDN

Obsolescence and improvement are the main factors that drive a change in technology. Betting on a network of the future is not a simple path, but a well-designed, controlled and impactless migration can give you the assurance to jump to SDN.

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