Next-Generation Security

Increasing Security Attacks

Investing in security is investing in peace of mind. Your security strategy should not be an addition but part of your core strategy.

Effective security today means much more than standing up a firewall, being proactive against attacks is a must to keep impact on functionality to a minimum. I can help you to identify vulnerabilities that can impact your organization and its existing data structures. Well-defined Security Polices and procedures guarantee a more robust network design and controlled operations.

Borderless Security

As perimeter defenses become less effective, organizations need to layer on additional solutions including behavior-based network and endpoint controls designed to protect the network agains attacks. Be aware that “outsiders” are now “insiders”.


A zero trust network approach can meet the needs to access corporate data from locations outside of corporate control. I can guide you to deploy appropriate segmentation and strong controls over sensitive data access based on profiling and policies.

Remote Access

If your organization is distributed geographically and has remote branches, security and encryption of communications are essential. Build scalable IPsec VPNs with DMVPN where secured tunnels are dynamically created.


Behavior analysis techniques and pattern learning can transform your security strategy to be more proactive against threats. Centralized monitoring is a key, which not only identifies a security breach, but also the affected systems and provides the means to make the right solution.

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